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BM 1035 (replaced by BM 1035 AC1)

Article number: 12026101 / EAN: 7611034210803
BM 1035 Pump station

The multifunctional «Accu-Power» pump station for all uses

For all kind of fixed or mobile tanks on vehicles and for autonomic indoor and outdoor applications. The powerful BM 1035 with Li-Ion battery can be connected with its suction hose easily and comfortably to any tank system. A zero-emission and quiet power unit with a maximal flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute and a continously adjustable operating pressure up to 145 psi. The proven electronic pressure control and an intelligent, hydraulic agitator allow a comfortable working. The BM 1035 can be combinated perfectly with the various Birchmeier accessories.


Performance characteristic

  • Max. flow rate 1.5 gal/min
  • Pressure range 15 - 145 psi
  • Li-Ion Battery Capacity with 220 Wh
  • Battery performance up to 14.5 h / 345 gal
  • Battery charging time less than 2.5 hours


Real work comfort

  • Zero emission
  • Quiet and less vibrations
  • Compartment for second battery
  • Low operation costs
  • No fuel 


Unique Birchmeier features

  • Intelligent pressure control
  • Continously adjustable operating pressure
  • Energy efficient due to electronic control
  • Protective setup for pump and rechargeable battery


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Technical data
Chemical resistanceFor use with the most plant protection products.Not suitable for formic acid, acetic acids, sodium / potassium hydroxides. In addition stainless steel units: no hydrochlonic acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid or hydrofluoric acid, ammonia, peroxides and other corrosive media.Not suitable for mineral oil based and vegetable oils, hypochlorites, limonenes, terpenes.Not suitable for non-polar solvents, ketones, peroxides, chlorine, acids and alkalines.
Biological agents
Plant protection
Form of applicationLiquidStreaming
Nozzle type
Spray pattern
Nozzles material
Material Device/containerAluminum
Material Fittings
Fitting connectors
Stress classVery heavy duty
Length (mm)420
Width (mm)320
Height (mm)205
Weight (kg)9.5
Device typeBattery sprayer
Special functionBattery unit 25 VElectronic pressure regulation
Nozzles data
Duro mist nozzle 1.5 mmDuro mist nozzle 1.5 mmTechnical parametersSpray patternHollow cone nozzlePressure range15 – 363 psiSpray angle80°Flow rate gal/minpsiDroplet size depending on pressure
Pressure (psi)152944587387102116131145
To the nozzle
Battery performanceDiagram
Safety regulationsSafety regulations
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